While skinny jeans will always be around (they fall into the “classic” category), relaxed jeans have been the denim cut du jour among the fashion crowd for the last few seasons. And yes, the baggy jeans trend will hold strong in 2024 as well. There are a smattering of items that pair flawlessly with anti-skinny jeans. Still, I thought I’d highlight the specific shoe silhouettes and trends fashion people will gravitate toward for 2024.

Below, you’ll uncover the jeans-and-footwear combos that are easy and effortlessly chic. As a preview, you’ll uncover the flats that feel quite elevated with the ever-so-popular puddle jeans.

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Jeans + Ballet Flats

Relaxed jeans and ballet flats is one of my favorite pairings for an effortlessly chic vibe. I especially like when the jeans are a bit longer and “puddle” around the flats.